ChristlikeMinistries Inc


WAYNE SENGER –Wayne Senger

Board Secretary

Wayne lives in Saskatoon and attends Sutherland Evangelical Church, where he serves as Mission Board Chairperson.  He enjoyed working part-time at Rona.  Besides his interest in being involved with promoting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, he enjoys reading, writing, photography, and is an avid walker.  Wayne began going on short-term mission trips to Juarez with Christlike Ministries in 2013, having been interested in the Ministry for a few years previously.  He has since visited the Outreach Center several times, building many friendships with the local people and other members of the Team.

Wayne is known for his sense of humor in recounting many stories, bringing a lot of laughter to the group.  In 2016, Wayne volunteered for the Board Secretary position.  We are very thankful for his faithfulness in this role.